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The Chain of Depression

Breaking The Chain of Depression - Jessica Manuel

Can one truly define what depression is? Is it an unbearable weight? Is there a way “depression” comes upon us and a way to get rid of it? I’ve heard people say “it feels like walls are closing in” offering them no motivation. So here’s the question: When can you recognize that you’re not receiving true happiness and you’re experiencing depression in the sense of desolation?

It’s easy sometimes to feel like removing yourself from the best people in your life because you’re tired or busy. Even going for a coffee seems like a marathon because who wants to do that when you can stay home in comfort? After all, it’s taxing to feel like you can’t naturally be happy like ‘them’, so you put on a mask- and no one asks questions.

But what does that do for you?

In the end, there is always silence. If you’re alone, are you happy with who you are? Are you happy with your reality? If so, staying at home and not giving to others is selfish because true happiness is offering who you are.


In a world full of social obligations and a desire for perfection, we never naturally become comfortable with who we are. We compare ourselves to what we believe is success when in reality, those people may be more unhappy than we are.This can lead to distracting ourselves with television, drugs, alcohol, relationships, religion, exercise, or the next thing that “society says” will make you “okay”. We run from one thing to the next, never celebrating the present success; never being present at all.

When we come to a place of silence, we find it empty – almost discouraging because we’ve let pieces of ourselves go throughout the process of being busy.

When you’re busy, you lack acquiring the knowledge which turns into wisdom, that’s why wisdom comes with age, because reflection takes time. The thing is though, if you make time for it, wisdom comes, you don’t have to wait until you’re ‘older’. We have so much “knowledge” these days, but our society seems to lack wisdom. Change that for yourself by reflecting on your experiences instead of running from one thing to the next. You can’t find or attain a level of excellence without understanding the mistakes you’ve made and how to improve. So don’t rush through life. Dig deeper and crush it!

One of the most challenging things you could do today would be testing the reality of your silence.

Where do your thoughts wander?

Where is your focus?

What is the first thing you feel like running to?

Do you even practice "silence"?

If you’re okay being still and present, then you are on your way to breaking the chain of depression.

A couple other ways you can take heavy links away is by using the key of community and being transparent with others. Show others the beauty in vulnerability.

Now its important to do this with a community you trust because vulnerability can worsen your depression hence why we aren’t vulnerable to begin with. If you surround yourself with family, friends, or a community of faith, you are much more capable to accept what you need to change – and you have the support to do so.

Finally, don’t be too prideful to not ask for help. We all need it, and its okay. This will be the start to a path of accountability, integrity, and henceforth, your dignity. People will respect you because you’ll start to respect yourself. Once you start breaking your chain you won't want to put it back on. More importantly, if you do find yourself in that state of feeling down then you know it's possible to get back up.

And if you start sharing your story with others, this could be the key to breaking their chain of feeling desolation, and in turn maybe depression.

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